The Fiancé of Bruno Schulz in Ukrainian. An extraordinary literary story, connecting dramatic elements of love and war. Juna, Józefina Szelińska, was the only woman Bruno Schulz had proposed to. The book was nominated for the Prix Médicis and the Prix Femina 2015.

Family History of Fear  published by Knopf is on sale now.  It is a dramatic and complex story about the fate of the author's Polish and Jewish ancestors. Here she combines her experience in biographical writing with personal non-fiction.

Vera Gran. The Accused. The extraordinary, controversial story of Vera Gran, beautiful, exotic prewar Polish singing star; legendary sensual contralto; Dietrich-like in tone, favorite of the 1930s Warsaw nightclubs, celebrated long before, and during, her year in the Warsaw ghetto (spring 1941-summer 1942)...  her piano accompanist: Wladyslaw Szpilman, made famous by Roman Polanski's Oscar-winning film, The Pianist, based on Szpilman's memoir of the same name..  more

Published by KNOPF Publishers,
New York